Q: What is SwarmSports?

A:  SwarmSports provides sports fans with a quick way to search for the latest sports news headlines. This solves the problem of going directly to a bloated sports pages where you can become easily distracted, and lose focus (and precious time!).   Click here to read more on our About page.

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: SwarmSports doesn’t collect any information on our users beyond what Google Analytics provides. We don’t drop cookies, or any tracking data. We encourage the use of our site, our Chrome Extension, and our Android app by respecting the privacy of our users.

Q:  How does this site work?

A:  You search to find relevant headlines that you are interested in reading. When you enter a search term, you are searching the headlines.

For example:  A search for “Houston Astros” will return articles with “Houston Astros” in the headline.  Search results are then listed in date time order with the most recent headlines at the top.

Rule of Thumb:  If you’re searching and having trouble seeing results, try making your search more specific.  Try “Dwayne Wade” instead of just “Wade.”

Q:  How come there are no articles after the featured articles?

A:  Most likely, you arrived on the site around 5-7 minutes after the hour. Unfortunately during that time period, the data that drives SwarmSports is making some major updates so you have the freshest news. This is an issue that we intend to fix soon, but for now, there are approximately ~30+ featured posts to catch up on. Usually by ~8 minutes after, all is well and you can quickly go find the latest news in the sports catgory of your choosing.

Q:  How do I read articles?

A:  When your search results appear, you simply click on the headline that interests you. This will open up a new tab in your browser so you can read that article. This leaves your search page results intact so you can open up multiple articles without having to redo the search.

Q:  What is ViralRank?

A:  ViralRank is a weighted score which shows how viral an article on SwarmSports is across the internet.  Our technology monitors user interactions on each article to determine the score. You will see ViralRank scores when the search result pulls less than ~10 articles, in date-time order.

Q:  How does the ViralRank API work?

A:  The API is a quick tool designed to see the ViralRank of any article or web URL from the internet.  All you do is type in this URL into your browser:  http://api.viralrank.me/?action=viralrank&url=[PUT YOUR URL HERE].  Simply replace [PUT YOUR URL HERE] with the URL you want to check the score on.

Example:  http://api.viralrank.me/?action=viralrank&url=http://facebook.com  – Once you hit enter you’ll see the ViralRank of the URL.  In the case of Facebook.com, we see a result of:  {“ViralRank”:6401430}.  Meaning the ViralRank of Facebook is 6,401,430! Keep in mind, if you try that example URL, your results could be different as ViralRank is real time scoring!

We now have a WP Plugin available so you can add ViralRank to your own WordPress sites.

Q:  How does the Date column work?

A:  The dates are when the original article is added to SwarmSports.  All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Q:  Why do I see the same article posted several different times, but under different headlines or sources?

A:  SwarmSports is a neutral platform.  The search presents you with options and you choose which source you’d like to read.

Q:  What if I have a suggestion on a new source of content?

A:  If you have any feedback about the content or have any suggestions about additional feeds we can add, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Q:  Where can I find out about your Google Chrome Extension?

A:  Our Google Chrome Extension is over in the Chrome Web Store.

Q: How do I find your Android app?

A: Search for SwarmSports in the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Q: Other questions? 

A: Use our handy contact form or shoot an email over to support (at) swarmsports (dot) com