What is SwarmSports?

Let’s admit it: There’s way too much sports information news out there.  When you go directly to any of these great mega-sports sites, you are overwhelmed with content. You end up being easily distracted and waste the one thing you can never get back – your precious time!

SwarmSports is designed to provide sports fans an easy way to find the latest sports headlines of interest to them. Reading is now only a click away. Your precious time has been returned to you. The days of wading through mass amounts of content are gone.

Who Are You

SwarmSports was founded in April 2013 by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Rex Dixon.  Rex along with a consultant Weston Ludeke, who are both rabid sports fans, and would spend hours on end debating sports with anyone within earshot. They have several years of experience working in startups and advertising and most recently worked together at an ad tech startup.

Unfortunately in September 2013 most of the full time work on SwarmSports and ViralRank came to an end.


Rex Dixon, Founder of SwarmSports and ViralRank

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What else do I need to know?

You can find our Chrome Extension here.

You can download our WordPress ViralRank plugin and add ViralRank scores directly on your own website.

If you are interested in finding out more information about any URL, it doesn’t have to be a sports URL, our ViralRank Dashboard is built for the data enthusiast. Just register to have full access.